Getting Around

Taxis are the preferred mode of transport for visitors in Shanghai and can be hailed on the street or booked by telephone. Tipping is not expected but welcome; most drivers speak limited to no English, so passengers should be sure to present their destination in written Chinese. The taxi app Didi is also available.

The Shanghai subway, costing just a few cents a ride, is cheap, clean, and reliable, perfect for covering long distances. It covers the entire downtown area and connect to the airports. Alternatively, public buses are common and extremely cheap; however, they can be an uncomfortable and inconvenient experience for travellers, being hot, crowded, unreliable, and frequented by pickpockets.

Many visitors opt to join the city's millions of cyclists and rent bicycles from their hotels or one of the numerous hire shops in the city. Shanghai is also a good city to explore on foot and sometimes the best way to get around in the city is just to walk.