Getting Around

Public transport in Toronto is fast, safe and reliable. Known as the Toronto Transit Commission, it consists of an integrated system of subways, buses and streetcars that reach every part of the city. The subway has four lines and is easy to use, and there are bus and streetcar stations next to every major stop that take over where the subway leaves off.

Fares are standard and a single fare will take commuters anywhere on a single trip. Commuters can use tokens to avoid the hassle of having to pay with exact change but can also use PRESTO cards with preloaded money. To freely change from one form of transport to another, commuters should get a transfer slip when paying for the fare.

The subway runs from 6am-2.00am, while buses and streetcars operate from about 6am-12.30am. Both start at 8am on Sundays. The Blue Night Network services main street routes after 1.30am. Taxis are always available and ferries travel to the Toronto Islands. Driving a hired car is not recommended due to traffic congestion and expensive parking.