Climate in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has a sub-tropical climate and a summer season of about eight months (October to April), when hot, sunny days are the norm. Summer daytime temperatures average around 86F (30C) in main centres, though low-lying areas such as the Zambezi Valley, Kariba, and Victoria Falls tend to be hotter, and there is always the possibility of an afternoon thunderstorm. The Zimbabwean winter climate is pleasant, with warm, dry days from June to August (temperatures drop more extremely at night), and an average temperature of around 68F (20C). Rain occurs mostly between November and March in Zimbabwe, but rainfall patterns vary according to region. The best game-viewing time is during the months of August, September and October. This is the dry season and animals congregate at the waterholes. The best time of the year for white-water rafting on the Zambezi is over September, October, and November.