Caleta de Fuste Travel Guide

Fuerteventura's busiest holiday resort has been built up around the town of Caleta de Fuste, which is also known as Castillo. Located a mere six miles (10km) from the airport, the resort's man-made, moon-shaped bay receives less wind than neighbouring beaches in Fuerteventura, and consequently has weaker currents. This and its gently-slopping, shallow shoreline make it a safe choice for families that have small children.

Caleta de Fuste boasts a range of bars and restaurants, and holidaymakers can enjoy a variety of water sports and activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, water skiing, surfing and fishing trips. There's a golf course as well as a number of massage parlours and beauty salons for the few occasions when visitors aren't on the beach.

Caleta de Fuste's central location makes it a good base from which to explore the rest of the island, though there's little public transport and hiring a car is necessary for most excursions.


Caleta de Fuste is a well-equipped tourist hub with a decent selection of shops and boutiques. The shopping complex near the golf course has a cinema and bowling alley as well as some good shops.


The long main street of the town is lined with low-rise buildings containing several restaurants and bars, which provide a good selection for tourists. Fado Rock Steak House is among Caleta de Fuste's top-rated eateries.


The resort has a varied nightlife, with after-dark entertainment including live music, dancing venues and activities such as karaoke. If visitors want to partake in the nightlife, it's a good idea to ensure that their accommodation is close to the town centre, as the ever-expanding nature of the resort can mean they are staying quite far from the entertainment hub.

Holiday activities

There are numerous water sports on offer, including boat trips, scuba diving and snorkelling, and even undersea excursions in a submarine. The waters of the region are renowned for their population of dolphins and turtles, which is an exciting prospect for visitors. Other activities include things such as golf, bowling and hiking. There's a castle in the main harbour area that was built in 1743, but otherwise visitors won't find much in the way of historical or architectural attractions. However, there are some wonderful excursions to nearby sites of interest if visitors can arrange transport.

Any negatives?

Those who want to explore the island will find the resort conveniently situated, but the lack of reliable public transport can be frustrating.