Molyvos Travel Guide

Molyvos is Lesvos Island's most popular and picturesque holiday resort, where a pretty harbour and red-roofed houses offer holidaymakers a serene and laid-back atmosphere. The town's archaeological museum shows a history that pre-dates the Classical Age. Visitors typically enjoy snorkelling and sunbathing or strolling along the market's quaint, cobbled streets. Many end the day with sundowners and a delicious Greek dinner on the waterfront.


Holidaymakers usually enjoy Molyvos' market. Set along cobble-stoned alleys, it's a good place to buy local crafts and produce.


Molyvos has many traditional tavernas around the harbour and market areas. As it's a fishing village, seafood is naturally the pride of most local menus.


Though Molyvos isn't top-of-mind among party goers, it does have some clubs and lively bars. The open-air cinema is worth attending and performances at the Castle are always a must.

Holiday activities

Molyvos' pebble-covered beach is Blue Flag certified and worth visiting, though Petra Beach is just a short distance away for travellers who prefer sand. The island's activities include donkey trekking, visits to Eftalou's natural thermal baths and boat trips to the Turkish mainland. The town also has a lot of traditional architecture.

Any negatives?

Some holidaymakers have been disappointed to find pebbles instead of sand on Molyvos' beach. Also, summer weekends can see a lot of motorbike traffic, which can be unpleasantly noisy.