Ixia Travel Guide

Ixia's constant summer breezes temper its heat and provide excellent conditions for windsurfing. Its shingle beach follows the curve of the main road and is known to receive rough waves, meaning bathers should take care if they venture into the sea. Most hotels have pools and deckchairs for guests who'd rather avoid the waves. Rhodes Town's clubs and pubs are only a few minutes away by taxi.


Visitors will find groceries and souvenirs in Ixia. Those who travel the short distance to markets in Rhodes or range further to traditional villages will find a more authentically Greek shopping experience.


Ixia has loads of bars, cafes and restaurants, with menus ranging from traditional Greek meals, to pizza or Chinese food.


Rhodes Town and Faliraki have vibrant club scenes and are close to Ixia.

Holiday activities

The hill of Filerimos is the most impressive archaeological site near Ixia, where visitors can explore the remains of the Temple of Zeus and Athena Poliada, Byzantine fortifications, a 14th-century church and several shrines. Ixia's adjacent beaches are attractive but not ideal for swimming, though windsurfers and other watersports enthusiasts will welcome the conditions.

Any negatives?

Ixia is dominated by foreign visitors and is tailored to their needs. Its 'touristy' character has advantages but some travellers may feel the area lacks authentic Greek spirit and has been over-commercialised.