Lindos Travel Guide

Lindos is a holiday resort centred on a small, medieval village of cobbled streets and white-stuccoed houses. Once the island's capital, it has lots of character and a pleasant combination of ancient and modern attractions. A series of steps lead up to the Acropolis, where visitors will find historic gems such as the Doric Stoa, propylaean ruins, the sanctuary of Athena and the Byzantine church of St John. Lindos also boasts some of the few sand beaches on the island, and a number of bars, clubs and restaurants.


Lindos is a labyrinth of winding, picturesque streets, where visitors can get happily lost for hours browsing quaint little shops. The area is great for souvenir shopping and some simple resort stores cater to tourists.


Lovely rooftop bars and restaurants characterise the town's dining scene, and sunset meals are a must. Restaurants cater to a number of tastes and budgets.


Lindos has many bars though the party scene is toned down. Visitors who prefer peaceful, music-filled nights will enjoy themselves.

Holiday activities

The area's beaches are lovely and lots of watersports are available for energetic travellers. Culture lovers will find plenty of historical and archaeological attractions, including the fascinating Acropolis and the ruins of an ancient theatre on the slope below. Wonderful day-trips are on offer too.

Any negatives?

Younger travellers who are set on partying may be disappointed by the fairly sedate nightlife. The area can get very crowded in summer, like all popular Greek resorts.