Agra Climate and Weather

Agra is located on the Ganga plain and has a continental climate, with very hot summer weather and cool winters. The city has a very similar climate to the nearby capital of Delhi. In summer (April to September) temperatures can reach as high as 119F (48C), and hot, dry winds prevail. Agra is reputed to be one of the hottest cities in India and, for those unaccustomed to hot weather and extreme humidity, it is uncomfortable in summer.

The annual monsoon season is between July and September. Although Agra does experience the monsoon season, it is not as badly affected as many other areas of India. Winter temperatures (November to February) are comfortable, at about 57F (14C) during the day, but may fall below freezing at night. Agra experiences dense fog during the winter months of December and January.

The most pleasant time to visit Agra is between October and March, possibly avoiding the peak winter months of December and January when it can be a bit chilly and the fog is at its worst, reducing visibility and disrupting air, road and rail travel. October and November, or February and March are the best times to travel to Agra.