Billund Climate and Weather

With its continental climate, Billund's summers are mild and its winters (December to February) are fairly cold but are nonetheless warmer than in northern Scandinavia. The Danish town's warmest period lasts from June to the beginning of September, with temperature highs averaging between 63°F (17°C) and 70°F (21°C) on days that regularly enjoy more than 13 hours of sunshine.

Over half the days of summer are accompanied by some form of precipitation, from light rains to the occasional thunderstorm. By contrast, moderate rains can be expected throughout winter, with the wettest part of the year occurring in December.

Snow can reasonably be expected to fall somewhere between November and mid-April and is most likely to be on the ground in late January. The summer months are the best time to visit Billund but visitors should book in advance as crowds visiting the town's famous Legoland reach their peak around this time as well.