Brighton Travel Guide

The city of Brighton is one of England's most exciting seaside destinations. Renowned for its cosmopolitan characters, diverse entertainment venues, and great nightlife, local and international tourists flock to this city at every chance they get, be it for a long weekend or a summer vacation.

Brighton remains one of the most popular day trip destinations from London for foreign visitors. In fact, Brighton Pier is the most popular tourist destination in the UK outside of London. The stripy deckchairs on the iconic Brighton Pier have become an instantly recognisable image of the English seaside.

Brighton's modern atmosphere is strongly contrasted by some of its older Regency and Victorian architecture. The charming village lanes are home to numerous cafes, antique shops, and jewellery stores, while not far away the Palace Pier stretches out over the lapping waves of the sea. The lights and music from its funfair and amusement arcades lure vast and raucous crowds.

During the summer, the pebbled Brighton Beach and its waterfront bars and clubs become fun and vibrant, with locals and vacationers alike throwing all caution to the wind and revelling in the laidback, summery atmosphere. This festive nature extends to big events such as the Brighton Festival and the Pride Summer Festival Week.