Getting Around

The modern and well-organised public transport system of Brussels consists of metro, tram and bus networks. The system is user-friendly with route diagrams and timetables posted at most stops, and there are free maps available from the tourist office. Trams provide an ideal way to get around and are faster than buses, especially when they travel underground in the city centre to become the premetro. Both tram and bus stops are by request only. There is a separate system of local trains linking the inner city to the outskirts, although they are of minimal use to tourists, except for getting to and from the airport. Tickets are valid for any form of public transport except local trains, and once validated can be used for multiple transfers within an hour. Taxis can be hailed from any of the taxi stands around the city; they are metered and expensive, and taxes and tips are included in the price. Ride-hailing apps include Bolt and Uber. The city is relatively easy to negotiate by car, though renting a vehicle is generally unnecessary.