Budapest Climate and Weather

Budapest's climate is accented with warm summers and bitterly cold winters, with plenty of rain all year round. Winters are short, with the cold weather arriving in mid-December; it is usually cloudy and damp with the odd bright sunny days and frequent, but light, snow. Temperatures in winter range between 25F (-4C) and 36F (2C).

In summer (late May to September), Budapest is sunny and warm with relatively high humidity and temperatures ranging between 57F (14C) and 77F (25C). It is generally fairly dry although there can be sudden showers.

In spring (March to early May) there is plenty of sunshine; the weather can be a bit changeable and sometimes windy in early spring but by late April and May the weather is wonderful. Early autumn is also a good time to visit; late autumn (late October to November) starts getting cold and unpleasant as winter draws in.