Cambridge Travel Guide

With a university heritage dating back as far as 1209, the city of Cambridge is steeped in tradition. Its colleges have been added piecemeal by patrons over centuries, with visitors enjoying 800 years of European architecture. The prestigious University of Cambridge, which dates back to the 13th century, gives the town an academic gravitas while simultaneously providing it with a youthful and exuberant population.

Cambridge offers a number of historic buildings and sites worth exploring, including Kings College Chapel, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Great St Mary's Church. There are also a plethora of top-notch museums in Cambridge, dedicated to zoology, classical archaeology, earth sciences, anthropology, art, and local history.

Daffodils and summer flowers carpet the Backs, the name given to an area covering the banks of the River Cam. This make summer and spring ideal seasons punting in Cambridge. The city has a number of parks and gardens that provide quiet retreats from the urban city centre.

Cambridge offers first class accommodation, as well as an abundance of shops, culture, and entertainment, all features that make the pretty town one of England's most popular holiday destinations. It hosts several popular festivals, including the Cambridge Summer Music Festival and the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival.