Cape Winelands Climate and Weather

The Cape experiences a Mediterranean, sub-tropical climate with hot and generally dry summers (December to February), and cold and wet winters (June to August). Winter experiences heavy rains, strong northwesterly winds and low temperatures, though the season doesn't preclude wine-tasting. Many of the indoor venues are warm and cosy during the cold months, and the occasional mountain snow only makes the scenery more picturesque.

The summer months are characterised by warm, dry days with little wind in the Cape Winelands. The daily temperature in towns such as Paarl and Stellenbosch can soar up to 100F (38C) during the hottest months between January and March so it is a good idea to pack sunscreen and hats if exploring in summer.

The Cape Winelands are wonderful to explore at any time of year, but the best time to enjoy the region is between the months of October and February, when it is hot and sunny and the beautiful estates ripen and bloom. Many locals recommend spring (October and November) and early autumn (March and April), as they're often sunny but cooler and more pleasant than the heat of summer. The winter months provide a cosier alternative.

Cape Winelands