Getting Around

Public transport in Chengdu is mostly comprised of an extensive bus network, and there is a free shuttle service that links all parts of the city centre. The other option is the metro, which connects the North and South Railway Stations. Trains are regular and safe, if a little crowded during rush hour. Metered taxis are available, though difficult to find in some areas; travellers shoud note that it is necessary to have their destination written in Chinese, as most drivers don't speak English. Didi is the city's most popular ride-hailing app. Hiring a car in Chengdu is not advised due to heavy and chaotic traffic, especially at rush hour times.


Chengdu International Airport

Chendgu International Airport is located about 10 miles (16km) southwest of downtown Chengdu.

Chengdu International Airport (CTU)


Chendgu International Airport is located about 10 miles (16km) southwest of downtown Chengdu.

Getting to the city

There are buses from the airport to the city centre, the railway staion, and century city. Passengers can also take the High-speed train to Chengdu Nan (South) Railway Station and Chengdu Dong (East) Railway Station.


Local time is GMT +8

Car rental

There are no car hire facilities at the airport, however rental cars are available in downtown Chengdu and airport pickup services are available.

Airport Taxis

Taxis are available outside of of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Transfer between terminals

The terminals are within walking distance, however shuttles are available to transfer passengers.


Airport services include an information centre, a currency exchange, baggage trolleys, a smoking room, ATMs, luggage storage and packaging, a lost and found, medical services, VIP and first class lounges, restaurants and shops, and business services.


Parking is located in front of Terminal 1. The first half an hour is free, after that the parking rates start at RMB 4 and increase by RMB 2 every half an hour. It costs RMB 96 per day.