Curitiba Travel Guide

Curitiba is all about efficiency and innovative urban planning, making it somewhat unique by Brazilian standards. The city's infrastructure is unparalleled and a determined tackling of poverty and pollution has left it impressively clean, green and functional.

As the southern state of Parana's capital, Curitiba is an important cultural, economic and political centre in Latin America. Though some travellers may feel it lacks some of the tropical appeal typical of Brazil, Curitiba is a steady presence in a generally unpredictable country, while remaining a good place to relax and soak up some culture.

Curitiba welcomes millions of tourists a year, and boasts ample accommodation, great tourist infrastructure and plenty of sightseeing opportunities, including the many parks and gardens that contribute to the city's environmentally responsible reputation.

Popular tourist attractions include the botanical gardens, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Barigui Park, Tangua Park, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Paço da Liberdade Cultural Centre and the Santa Felicidade neighbourhood, which boasts many restaurants. Getting around Curitiba is easy and the downtown area has been conveniently pedestrianised.