Delhi Climate and Weather

The climate of Delhi is semi-arid, and there is a vast difference between summer and winter temperatures. During the long summers the city swelters at highs of 104F (40C) and lows of 79F (26C), often exacerbated by a dusty, dry wind. The hottest months of the year are May and June. Winter weather in Delhi arrives in November, with temperatures between 43F (6C) and 68F (20C). Delhi's winters are generally mild but the city's proximity to the Himalayas can result in cold spells. Winter also brings heavy fog, which can decrease visibility and disrupt air, road and rail travel; January is the worst month for fog. The rainy season in Delhi is heralded in June and lasts until the end of September, during which monsoons deliver most of the city's annual average rainfall. The city does not experience monsoons to the same extent as many other Indian cities.

The best time to visit Delhi is in October and November, or in February and March, when the nights are cool and the days filled with mellow sunshine. December and January can be a little gloomy in Delhi while mid-summer (May, June and July) is uncomfortably hot.