Doha Travel Guide

Doha is the beautiful capital of Qatar and one of the most dynamic cities in the Persian Gulf. Accommodating of foreigners, surprisingly laid-back and renowned for safety, it is a good base from which to explore the rest of the country.

As a cultural and commercial centre, Doha offers plenty to see and do. Topping the list of popular activities is shopping, an obsession fuelled by both mammoth modern malls and exotic traditional markets (souks). Many of the travellers who visit Doha are primarily visiting on business, but the glitzy hotels, quality museums and booming restaurant scene keep everyone entertained.

Doha's modern seaport, busy airport and great infrastructure make it exceedingly accessible to visitors, and Qatar is pouring wealth into an already sophisticated city in order to transform it into a cultural and economic powerhouse to rival the likes of Dubai.

The skyline becomes more impressive and attractive every year, and more and more travellers are discovering the wonders the city has to offer. A stroll along the Doha Corniche, ocean on the one side and glamorous cityscape on the other, should leave nobody in any doubt as to why Doha is emerging as a hugely desirable travel destination.