Entebbe Travel Guide

Situated on the northern shore of Lake Victoria roughly 24 miles (38km) south of Kampala, Entebbe is one of Uganda's largest towns and home to its international airport. Quieter and less congested than the capital, Entebbe is both an international travel hub and a popular weekend getaway for locals.

Although travellers heading out on safari or a gorilla-trekking trip will likely only rest a day or two in town, Entebbe offers a wealth of activities and attractions for those who stick around. The Entebbe Wildlife Education Centre and Uganda Reptile Village are both located nearby, as is the neatly groomed Entebbe Golf Club. The Botanical Gardens will be of interest to birdwatchers and botany enthusiasts as well.

Entebbe also makes a good base for exploring the region. Excursions to the Mabamba Swamps are an absolute must for birdwatchers, as it's home to countless waterbirds and other creatures. Fishing and boat trips on Lake Victoria are a popular activity, including ferries to the Ssese Islands, which offer both varied terrain full of wildlife, and modern resort hotels. Ngamba Island is reachable by ferry, and has the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary within its borders.

While the surrounding natural attractions in Entebbe are its biggest draw, there are also interesting sites within the city, including the State House (official residence to the President of Uganda), the Uganda Virus Research Institute, and Nkumba University.