Getting Around

Fez has a basic public transport system, with trains, buses and taxis, but ultimately it is a city best explored on foot by tourists, as the majority of the attractions are in the old quarter. Visitors should beware that it is easy to get lost in the maze of narrow streets that make up Fez's largest medina, one of the world's largest car-free urban zones.

However, to aid visitors, the medina does have colour-coded tourist routes, so it is best to use the accompanying tourist map and ask for directions if lost. Additionally, tourists should note that some locals have a reputation for misdirecting tourists, particularly if they can redirect them into family-owned stores or charge money to guide them along complicated routes instead of giving simple directions.

In Fez, the petits taxis are small and red and operate between the Medina walls and within the city limits. They tend to be metered and are not too expensive, but only carry three passengers at a time. Grands taxis are bigger and travel fixed routes from the cities to the outlying areas. Both types of taxis are usually shared and drivers often wait until the taxi is full before departing. The Careem Taxi app is also available; the train station is situated in the Ville Nouvelle (new city) and operates a route to Tangier, among other destinations.