Getting Around

Public transport in the city is expensive but efficient, consisting of an integrated network of fast, modern underground U-Bahn lines, S-Bahn city trains, trams and buses. The U-Bahn and buses operate between about 4am and 1am, and there are also several night bus routes. Fares are standard and are based on a zone system, with most tickets valid for an hour and used for any number of transfers between all modes of public transport within that time.

Tickets must be bought prior to boarding. The Frankfurt Card (available from the tourist office) is good value, allowing for unlimited travel within greater Frankfurt, plus airport shuttle transport and discounted admission to museums. Taxis are safe and plentiful, but expensive, while ride-sharing apps also operate in the city. Driving a car in the city involves rush-hour congestion, expensive parking lots and confusing road systems, so it's best to use public transport instead.