Getting Around

Public transport in Freetown is somewhat informal. Shared taxis run along fixed routes and can be hailed on the street; fares are cheap and it is possible to negotiate a price with the driver. Travellers can also ask their hotel to call a private taxi for them. These vehicles are generally more comfortable than the shared taxis, but also more expensive.

Poda-podas are shared minibus taxis which can easily be found on every main road in Freetown. The start point and final destination of the vehicle is displayed in the front window. The travelling conditions in poda-podas are not very comfortable as drivers often overload their vehicles and drive quite erratically.

Travellers also have the option of hiring a car in Freetown, which can be arranged through car rental companies. Rental cars in Sierra Leone generally come with a local driver, which will remove the stress of dealing with the chaotic driving conditions. People travelling outside Freetown are advised to hire a 4x4 vehicle, as it will be better equipped to handle rural roads.


Freetown Airport

The airport is situated across the Sierra Leone River from Freetown, 13 miles (21km) north of the city.

Freetown Airport (FNA)


The airport is situated across the Sierra Leone River from Freetown, 13 miles (21km) north of the city.

Getting to the city

Travel options from the airport to Freetown are limited. Currently there is a ferry that crosses the river to the city, or a route by road that takes about four to six hours and is not recommended at night. The ferry is the cheapest option, but there can be long queues (several hours on either end). There is also a risk of crime and overloading. Passengers are advised not to use this service alone, or as a foot passenger.

Private boat services are available for the crossing, but passengers are advised to avoid using the local fishing boats. For safety reasons, all passengers arriving at the airport at night should wait until daylight to travel to Freetown; there are several hotels and guesthouses near the airport, but these need to be booked early due to high demand.


No GMT offset.

Car rental

No car hire facilities are available at the airport.

Airport Taxis

Water taxis are available for the journey across the estuary to Freetown. Private chartered speedboats are also available.


Facilities include shops, restaurants, currency exchange and banking services, a business centre, a prayer room, and ticket offices for transportation to the city. There are also a few hotels near the airport.


There is a parking facility near the terminal.