Grand Cayman Travel Guide

Most of the population of the Cayman Islands live on the 78 square mile (202 sq km) Grand Cayman, the largest island in the chain, and every day thousands of visitors arrive, many of them on cruise liners, to besiege the narrow streets of the island capital, George Town, and delight in the beautiful beaches.

The busy little colonial capital also draws its fair share of wheelers and dealers, being a major offshore investment centre with more than 500 banks. The banking business has made Grand Cayman an affluent society, but decadence has not accompanied the wealth.

There are no glitzy casinos and wild club venues here, and nudity on the beach is frowned upon. The natural attractions are enough to draw the crowds, however, with the coral reefs, clear waters, and sandy beaches offering the chance to try out any watersport imaginable.

The tourist infrastructure on Grand Cayman is very good, providing anything travellers might need. The other islands are far less developed, making Grand Cayman the natural hub for all activities and amenities.