Solomon Islands travel info


Electrical current in the Solomon Islands is 230 volts, 50Hz. The most commonly used plug is the three-prong Australian plug.


English is the official language.


The local currency is Solomon Islands dollar (SBD). International credit cards are accepted at hotels and resorts in major centres; ATMs are available in Honiara, Gizo, Munda and Auki.


Tipping in bars and restaurants is not expected, though a standard 10 to 15 percent would be appreciated. Rounding up taxi fare is common practice.


A yellow fever vaccination is required for travellers to the Solomon Islands arriving from an infected area, while the territory has in the past few years been subject to outbreaks of dengue fever and rubella. A measles-mumps-rubella vaccine is also recommended, as is a typhoid vaccine. All eligible travellers should be up to date with their COVID-19 vaccines.

Tap water should not be drunk unless it has been boiled, filtered or chemically disinfected. Medical facilities are very limited so travellers should pack a personal medical kit and bring adequate supplies of all medications. Should a doctor be needed, the main facility is the Central Hospital and National Referral Hospital in Honiara. Comprehensive travel insurance is recommended for travellers.


Visitors should keep their money and phones secure at all times, and avoid being alone in remote places, as there have been reports of robberies involving violence, handbag snatching, pick-pocketing, distraction thefts and harassment, particularly around the central market and local beaches. Demonstrations can turn violent, so it's best to avoid protests and political gatherings.

Local customs

Local culture in the Solomon Islands is relaxed but traditional, and it's important to show respect for older people, especially in rural areas. Girls should avoid showing friendliness to strangers of the opposite sex when accompanied by their relatives; guests will be expected to eat first if invited into a local's home. While informal dress, including shorts, is acceptable, visitors should avoid wearing beachwear off the beach.

Doing business

Meetings can seem informal as jackets and ties aren't necessary, and 'island time' can mean that colleagues may not show for appointments, or that meetings can be arranged at short notice. Banking hours are 8.30am or 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday; commercial hours tend to run from 7.30am to midday, and from 1pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday, as well as Saturday mornings.

Duty free

Travellers to the Solomon Islands age 18 and older may import 200 cigarettes, 250g of cigars or 225g of tobacco, two litres liquor, and other goods valued to SBD 3000 duty-free. Offensive weapons, pictures, and literature are prohibited.


The international access code for the Solomon Islands is +677. Travellers can purchase local prepaid SIM cards for unlocked phones; WiFi is available at hotels and restaurants.

Passport & Visa

Visitors are required to hold return or onward tickets and proof of sufficient funds. It is highly recommended that travellers' passports have at least six months' validity remaining after the intended date of departure from their travel destination. Immigration officials often apply different rules to those stated by travel agents and official sources.

Entry requirements

US citizens can get a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of three months.

UK citizens can get a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of three months.

Canadian citizens can get a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of three months.

Australian citizens can get a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of three months.

A visa and passport is required.

Irish citizens can get a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of three months.

A visa is required and can be obtained on arrival for a maximum stay of three months if travellers are visiting from New Zealand.

Useful contacts

988 (fire and rescue services), 111 (medical emergencies), 999 (police).

Embassies / consulates in other countries

Solomon Islands High Commission, New York, United States: (212) 599 6192

Solomon High Commission, Canberra, Australia: +61 2 6282 7030

Solomon Consulate, Auckland, New Zealand: +64 9 255 5535

Embassies / consulates in Solomon Islands

Australian High Commission, Honiara, Solomon Islands (also responsible for Canada): +677 21 561

New Zealand High Comission, Honiara, Solomon Islands: +677 21 502