Guatemala City Travel Guide

The most populous city in Guatemala and Central America, Guatemala City is a bustling metropolis of three million people. However, it still has the feeling of a small town, with the city loosely divided into approximately 20 .

Ornate buildings dating back hundreds of years give the city a period feel, with many antique churches and government buildings such as the Palacio Nacional worth seeing from the inside and out. This gives Guatemala City an attractive urban aesthetic to compensate for its lack of natural beauty.

Guatemala City is the most modern city in the country, playing a role as the administrative, economic, and cultural capital of Guatemala, with a variety of restaurants, shops, art galleries, theatres, museums, hotels, and other attractions to keep visitors entertained. The hotels and nightlife in Zona Viva and Cuatro Grados Norte are particularly popular with visitors.

Despite its vibrant arts scene and attractive facade, many travellers avoid Guatemala City due to the high crime rate, opting to head for Antigua or Monterrico instead. However, travelling to Guatemala City is relatively easy because most lines of transport connect here, so a convenient city break in Guatemala City can add a lot to a holiday in Guatemala, and the government is taking continuous measures to make the city safer and more attractive for tourists.