Getting Around

It is important to note that visitors to Bermuda are not allowed to rent cars. There are, however, several transport options, and the city of Hamilton and Bermuda itself are not large. A bus service operates in Hamilton and links it to other major points in Bermuda, with inbound service stops marked with pink-topped poles and outbound service stops marked with blue-topped poles. If transferring to another bus, be sure to ask the first driver for a transfer to avoid paying again. Transfers are valid for half an hour.

Ferries are another popular way to enjoy the sights of Hamilton and its surrounds, and scooters and mopeds are also available for hire. Walking and cycling are also excellent ways to get around. A traditional means of transport, and a fun way to enjoy the city, is on a horse drawn carriage ride.


Bermuda International Airport

The airport is located towards the north of the islands, 10 miles (16km) east of Hamilton.

Bermuda International Airport (BDA)


The airport is located towards the north of the islands, 10 miles (16km) east of Hamilton.

Getting to the city

Buses 1, 3, 10 and 11 service Hamilton and St Georges, but have no luggage storage space and cannot accommodate wheelchairs. Taxis are also available for hire at the airport.


GMT –4 (GMT –3 from first Sunday in April to the Saturday before the last Sunday in October).

Car rental

There are no car hire companies on the island.


The airport terminal has ATMs and a currency exchange on the ground floor. The newly renovated shops in the check-in concourse sell a variety of goods including magazines, books, souvenirs, jewellery, perfume and clothing. Duty-free is also available. There are coffee bars/bistros, snack bars, and cocktail bars in both the US and international departure lounges.


Short-term parking costs BMD 1 per hour, up to a maximum of two hours. Long-term parking at Bermuda International Airport is charged at BMD 5 per day.