Hannover Climate and Weather

With a fairly mild, temperate climate and seasons that seem to merge one into the other, Hannover is a year-round travel destination. The weather in Hannover can be rather changeable and any day in any season can be rainy or sunny, warm or cold, gusty or calm. Rain is possible all year but the summer months of July and August are the wettest. Afternoon thunderstorms are very common at this time of year but they tend to blow over fast and most of the day can still be pleasantly sunny. January, February and March are usually the driest months in Hannover and the rainfall could be said to rise with the temperature. Many argue that Hannover is at its best in the summer months, when the city can see as much as seven hours of sunshine per day and enjoys an average temperature of 70°F (21ºC). Spring and autumn can also be lovely seasons in Hannover and if the weather is mild enough the beer gardens sometimes stay open well into autumn. In the winter months, between November and March, the average temperatures drop as low as 30°F (-1°C).