Hill Resorts Travel Guide

Travellers will find several resorts in the hills along Peninsular Malaysia's main mountain range. Popular with locals and tourists alike, they offer a respite from the country's heat and humidity. They're also a refreshing break from the action of city life. Each of them has charm and a range of activities, attractions and accommodation. Visitors can look forward to a refreshing experience above the clouds and in the dense, tropical-jungle environments.

The Cameron Highlands is the largest and most refined of the hill resorts. Its cool climate is favourable for crops and it is known as Malaysia's 'Green Bowl', supplying the country with a variety of fruit and vegetables. Genting Highlands is the most developed resort, and is a popular weekend getaway for Kuala Lumpur residents. By contrast, Fraser's Hill offers the peace and tranquillity of its natural surroundings and is the region's smallest resort. Bukit Larut is the least visited and the least developed, preserving the ambience of a traditional colonial hill station, with its quiet atmosphere and modest accommodation.