Eating Out

Honolulu offers diners anything and everything, from the local and delightful, to many exquisite international cuisines. If home-grown and unassuming cuisine is what travellers are after, they'll find it in and around the city without too much effort.

Classic dining spots offering regional food at its best are the likes of Helena's Hawaiian Food, a famous eatery in and around Honolulu established in 1946 and still producing firm favourites for tourists and residents alike. Another popular spot in Honolulu is Uncle Clay's. Friendly staff, a relaxed atmosphere and original snow cones are what keep people coming back.

If travellers want a truly luxurious experience, Honolulu happily caters to that too; many high-end restaurants are always abuzz in the city. Sushi Sasabune offers visitors a unique and upmarket sushi experience while La Mer ensures a breezy and romantic oceanside evening in a restaurant known for its impeccable service and French cuisine.


While many tourists think of Hawaiian nightlife as resort luaus with hula dancers and roast pigs, Honolulu offers a much more diverse experience for the adventurous visitor. Waikiki has a number of bars and restaurants ranging from friendly pubs to upscale nightclubs, and some host live music on various nights of the week. Chinatown is also a bustling neighbourhood after dark, with a number of underground bars. Other great nightlife hubs in Honolulu include The Aloha Tower Marketplace, which has more than 60 restaurants and bars, and the Ala Moana Shopping Centre.