Ibiza has plenty of boutiques and unique stores catering to international visitors. During the high summer season (June to September) shops in the port are open until well after midnight. However, in the off season they may be closed entirely during the week. Leather goods abound in Ibiza, but quality is hard to come by. Ibiza also has some great markets to supplement the touristy shops found all over the island. The best and most famous is the Hippy Market at Club Punta Arabí, running from April to October. The Sant Jordi Car Boot market on Saturdays is also fun, as is the night market at Las Dalias in San Carlos. Vendors at the markets generally expect people to haggle over prices.


Ibiza's nightlife offers one of the best clubbing experiences in Europe through unrivalled mega-venues that feature the world's top DJs and countless cafés, pubs and bars. The main venues are clustered around San Antonio on the east coast of the island and Ibiza Town on the west, linked by a half-hour drive along a good road. There are very few nightlife venues on the rest of the island, which is quiet and rural.

An ideal foundation for a big night out is the place that gave birth to the Ibiza legend in the first place: Café del Mar in San Antonio. The trademark ambient music and chilled-out atmosphere is still in place, making this an essential visit. Innumerable other bars have sprung up around Café del Mar, so there's no shortage of vantage points to enjoy the justly famous sunsets. The top clubs open around midnight, with long queues forming by 2am.

Clubbing in Ibiza is certainly expensive. Entry fees get hefty and drinks are pricey. Many clubs will only have hot water available in the bathrooms to prevent visitors drinking cold water for free, forcing patrons to pay for bottled water. Cash-strapped young clubbers will hand out flyers and promos in the early evening with details of special offers, happy hours, and discounts. They are earning a commission for getting people through the door but the information can be very useful if visitors want to get maximum value for their night out.

As for getting around, visitors should use the disco buses that transport clubbers along the road linking San Antonio, San Rafael and Ibiza Town. Additionally, taxis are cheap, especially if visitors are travelling in a group.

The clubbing season runs from late May to September, although there are big parties around New Year's, Christmas, and Easter. Dress codes are non-existent. In fact, the more outlandish and extroverted a visitor's appearance, the better their chance of gaining free admission.