Jerusalem Climate and Weather

The climate of Jerusalem is said to be ideal, with its relatively high altitude ensuring warm, dry summer weather with low humidity, and contrasting chilly, wet winters. Snow may fall in winter but is a rarity that is greeted as a novel experience by locals. Summer days are sunny and pleasant with temperatures averaging around 75F (24C). In the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn, Jerusalem sometimes experiences the hot, dry desert wind known as the sharav or khamsin, traditionally believed to blow for 50 days out of the year.

Peak tourism season in Jerusalem is summer, particularly July and August. Jerusalem doesn't get as hot as some other parts of Israel, but it can get crowded. June is a good time to visit as travellers get the pleasant summer weather but not as many crowds. Even in summer, visitors may need a sweater occasionally after dark because the city can get chilly at night.

May or October (late spring and autumn) are also good times to travel to Jerusalem. But, as October is holiday season for the Israelis, things tend to get more expensive over this period and some restaurants and shops will close in the city as locals leave for holiday.