Getting Around

It's best not to use the public bus system in Kathmandu as buses tend to be crowded and unreliable, leaving only when full to bursting. If one isn't a seasoned traveller, taxis are available and usually found outside hotels and shopping centres.

Passengers should ensure the meter is on, although fixed prices are negotiable for sightseeing. Passengers should always agree on a fare before setting off if there is no meter, and ask at their hotel for guidelines on pricing, as drivers tend to overcharge tourists if they can get away with it.

Auto rickshaws ( ) are good options and usually operate on fixed routes, while pedal rickshaws are best only for short trips. Bicycles and motorcycles are hireable, but pollution, heavy traffic, and bicycle theft make these unappealing options, particularly as getting lost is easy in Kathmandu.

Self-drive car hire is not available and rented cars come with a driver. However, this is an expensive option and traffic is invariably heavy, making it slow going. It's actually better to negotiate the city on foot when possible, as it's often the least stressful way to get around and the best way to really experience daily life on the bustling streets.