Luxembourg-Ville Climate and Weather

Nestling behind the barrier of the Ardennes Mountains, Luxembourg City is protected from the cold North Sea winds and enjoys a temperate maritime climate. Summers are mild and pleasant, and winters cool to cold. The warmest months of the year are between May and September, but even at the height of summer Luxembourg City is seldom hot, with temperatures averaging 74°F (24°C). Visitors in the summer should anticipate a noticeable drop in temperature at night.

In winter (November to February), temperatures average 32°F (0°C), with more extreme weather in the northern reaches of the country, which also receive more rain. Spring (March to May) is a beautiful season as the mountains and valleys come alive with wild flowers.

The best time of year to visit Luxembourg City is in the spring and summer, between May and September, when the weather is pleasant and outdoor activities are plentiful and popular. Tourists generally avoid its sometimes frigid winter, but the country does have some lovely Christmas markets over December.