Getting Around

Madrid is easy to get around and is served by an extensive network of buses, a modern and efficient metro, ride-sharing services such as Uber, and trains. Taxis are plentiful and cheap although a list of surcharges will increase the fare. Visitors should check that the meter isn't already running and is in working order, as foreigners are often the victims of overcharging.

The quickest way to get around is on the fast and very efficient metro that reaches most places and operates from 6am to 1.30am, though it's best to avoid rush hours. Otherwise the comprehensive bus network is there to fill in the gaps from 6am to midnight. Buses have designated lanes so they are able to avoid traffic congestion, and night buses operate after midnight. The 10-trip ticket package allows for cheaper travel and is valid on both the metro and buses.

The Madrid Card also entitles the holder to free public transport. Driving in Madrid is best avoided because it's unnecessarily stressful when public transport is so cheap and convenient. The city is very compact and it's best to walk when possible; most of the touristic sights of interest are found in the downtown area between the Royal Palace and Parque del Retiro.