Malmo Travel Guide

Sweden's third largest city, Malmo is a busy port that has alternated between Swedish and Danish control throughout its 900-year history. Its location at the southern tip of Sweden and close proximity to Copenhagen contribute to its reputation as the most diverse and cosmopolitan city in Sweden, or even as a suburb of Copenhagen. Visitors to Malmo enjoy a mixture of Swedish heritage and diverse culture in the form of cuisine, music, art and festivals.

Downtown Malmo is centred around three public squares that host some unique attractions. At visitors will find beautiful buildings and statues dating back to the 16th century. Little Square has a number of bustling restaurants that spill out onto the pavement, and Gustav Adolf's Square has great shops and is good for accessing the pretty Slottsparken.

There are a number of attractions in Malmo for sightseers, including museums dedicated to technology and art; beautiful churches such as St Peter's Church, St Johannes Church and the Malmo Synagogue; historical buildings including Malmohus Castle and City Hall ( ); and interesting modern buildings such as the Turning Torso skyscraper.

The City has many public parks as well: Pildammsparken and Kungsparken are tranquil and nice for a picnic, while Folketsparken has a small amusement park with rides and other attractions. Malmo's beaches are also very popular during the summer months.

Sightseeing and shopping intertwine in Malmo's diverse neighbourhoods. Just south of the city centre, Mollevangstorget Square is the centre of an Asian and Middle Eastern neighbourhood with many shops and restaurants, as well as an open-air market on weekends. Gamla Vaster has a number of sophisticated boutiques and galleries. The main shopping plazas include Hansa Compagniet, Triangeln, and Caroli.

Malmo's restaurant scene and nightlife reflect its cosmopolitan reputation, with cuisine from all over the world represented and a wide array of pubs, nightclubs, and bars to choose from. Lilla Torg is the centre of Malmo nightlife, but Mollevangstorget is the area to try if visitors are on a budget.

Only 35 minutes' journey from Denmark, Malmo is closer to Copenhagen than it is to the other major cities in Sweden. It comes as no surprise that Malmo is a popular stop on any Scandinavian holiday, and thousands of visitors each year fall in love with this unique city.