Eating Out

Miami's cuisine has a unique flavour, being predominantly (a combination of Latin, American and Caribbean). Eateries include everything from steakhouses and cafes, to Italian, Oriental, and Middle Eastern restaurants. South Beach and Coconut Grove both have a thriving cafe society, and tourists will find plenty of sidewalk seating. Miami is well known for its seafood, so visitors shoud be sure to try a stone crab dish, a local delicacy.

Food in Miami ranges from very cheap or very expensive and, with new venues opening constantly, there is always something new to sample. Meals for under $10 are plentiful in Little Havana, while South Beach has a collection of high-end restaurants.

A fun way to dine out in Miami is by sampling the fare offered by food trucks. These mobile eateries offer excellent (and cheap) food.


Miami abounds with unqiue shopping experiances. Miami's Lincoln Road Mall is a pedestrian promenade lined with palm trees and art deco buildings, home to big name labels such as the Gap and Banana Republic. For another 'open mall' option, the Falls not only has all the usual shops but also a beautiful seating area near the waterfall.

For elite shopping, few places measure up to Bal Harbour Shops, including stores such as Tiffany & Co, Prada, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Miracle Mile is one of Miami's top shopping locations, hosting over 170 upscale shops and 40 gourmet restaurants within walking distance of each other.

On the waterfront, Bayside Marketplace offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment just minutes from downtown Miami. Espanola Way is a quirky street in Miami Beach, filled with stalls selling local arts and crafts on weekends.

Travellers should note that a Sales Tax of seven percent is built into purchase prices, as sales taxes are set at state level. There is no way to obtain a refund from the federal government for non-US visitors.


Miami comes to life when the sun goes down. The South Beach streets pump with clubs and bars, and there's plenty of partying and live music in the Design District area. Downtown Miami hosts a few trendy venues, Coconut Grove being a particulalry popular party zone. With everything from cocktails and comedy shows, to lounges and nightclubs, one night in Miami would never be long enough.

Visitors to Miami might like to start their evening at one of the many cocktail bars. They can also head to Greater Miami for flamenco or cabaret shows, or even a drag show! There are also various comedy performances, including stand-up, sketch, and improvisational comedies.

Miami dance clubs and lounges tend to offer a sultry Latin beat, while nightclub music ranges from Afro-Cuban and rumba rap to indie rock and electro-pop. These clubs are widspread in downtown Miami and Little Havana, as well as west of the Bay area.