Minneapolis-St Paul Climate and Weather

The continental climate of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St Paul, is rather harsh because of the northerly and land-locked location. Winters, which fall at the end of the year, are bitterly cold, with abundant snow and average low temperatures plunging well below freezing. In fact, records show that the Twin Cities have maximum temperatures of below freezing point on 76 days out of the year. Summers, which fall between June and August, are mild to hot with highs of 84F (29C), but short-lived. The best time to visit Minneapolis is between August and September, which has idyllic weather around the 77F (25C) mark, and all the festivals and events the region can fit into the two-month period. Rainfall can occur all year round, but is most plentiful in June. The driest month is February.

Minneapolis-St Paul