The home of country music, Nashville is big on entertainment. With a music industry that keeps on churning out headlining acts, visitors are sure to have a good time when they hit the Nashville streets for a night out. They shouldn't be fooled by the charming southern drawl, though, as this city isn't just about country. Visitors will find enough rock, jazz, bluegrass and gospel for any discerning taste.

First stop has to be the District, a historic neighbourhood containing beautiful architecture and great southern mansions, with trolley rides or a horse-drawn buggy both good options for taking in the area's sights and sounds. Crammed with nightclubs, bars and restaurants, the District is the heart of Nashville's party scene, particularly Second Avenue's clubs and restaurants. Printer's Avenue is also a good spot for a night on the town and is one of the oldest areas in the District. So too is Lower Broadway, home of the legendary Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, where many previously unknown artists have been discovered.

For a more relaxed night out, visitors should look no further than Music Valley, where they'll find the long-running country music radio broadcast known as the Grand Ole Opry House as well as Nashville Palace and the Opryland Resort and Convention Center. These bars feature live music while Five Points neighbourhood contains some great bars and cafes for a mellow night out.