Omaha Travel Guide

Omaha has long been saddled with a reputation as a flyover city, seen only from the air when flying from one coast to the other. However, over the past 20 years, the destination has slowly been transformed, edging out Middle American blandness while retaining the friendly, down-to-earth manner of the Midwest that travellers so appreciate. Omaha remains a travel hub due to its central location, but the music scene, quality museums and vibrant downtown historic neighbourhood now ensure that the city is a worthwhile holiday destination, rather than just a pleasant pit stop.

The heart of the city is its arts and entertainment district, the Old Market. The area is made up of block after block of renovated industrial warehouse buildings from the 1800s, which now house a variety of unique shops, boutiques, bookstores, galleries and some of Omaha's finest restaurants. Homer's Music is an Old Market institution. In addition to hosting live events itself, it provides the latest information on Omaha's thriving indie rock scene. Not one to ignore any form of artistic expression, the city also has a burgeoning film industry.

Omaha was historically a trade and transport hub, with its location on the great Missouri River and proximity to the Platte River ensuring its importance in the region. Today, the city is home to an impressive number of billionaires and Fortune 500 companies, and attracts business travellers, as well as holidaymakers.