Pokhara Climate and Weather

The Pokhara climate is classified as sub-tropical but, because of its elevation, the weather is generally quite mild and it's a year-round destination. Summer temperatures, between May and August, average between 77F (25C) and 86F (30C), while the average temperatures in winter, between November and February, range from 28F (-2C) to 59F (15C).

Summers can be humid but not uncomfortably so, and even in winter the skies are generally clear and there is plenty of sunshine. Pokhara and the surrounding areas receive the highest rainfall in the country.

The majority of rain falls in the monsoon season, between July and September, but May and June can also be wet. Although the city seldom experiences snowfall, there is sometimes snow in the surrounding hilly areas in winter.

The most pleasant time to travel to Pokhara is probably between April and May or October and November, when the rainfall is low and temperatures are at their most comfortable. Pokhara is a rewarding travel destination in any season and the best time to visit often depends on desired holiday activities.