Pretoria Climate and Weather

Pretoria has a dry subtropical climate, with long, hot, and rainy summers and short, cool, and dry winters. Pretoria is situated in a valley, which ensures that the weather is generally hotter than one might expect considering the high altitude.

In summer, between November and February, the average temperatures in Pretoria range between 64F (18C) and 84F (29C), and in winter, between June and August, the average temperatures range between 41F (5C) and 66F (19C).

Like Johannesburg, between the months of October and April, Pretoria experiences frequent heavy afternoon thunderstorms with downpours of rain that disappear as quickly as they arrive. These storms come as a relief from the heat and are generally not much of a hindrance to travel.

Winter days are only slightly cooler than the pleasant summer average temperatures, but it can become frosty on winter nights. There is virtually no rain during the winter months and snow is extremely rare. The best time to visit Pretoria is in the shoulder months of spring and autumn, but the hot, rainy summer is also pleasant.