Eating Out

Providence is one of the unlikely gourmet hotspots in the USA, with a higher per capita number of restaurants than any other city in the country. The Johnson and Wales University of Providence runs well-known culinary arts courses, its graduates contributing to the high quality of restaurants.

Downtown and Federal Hill are two of the most prominent restaurant scenes in Providence. Downtown is an area circled by Memorial Avenue, Dyer Street, Fountain Street, and Empire Street, filled with a variety of cuisines. Popular establishments include Cafe Nuovo and the Capital Grille.

Federal Hill in Providence boasts the highest concentration of restaurants in the city. The Little Italy of Providence, it covers both Italian and international food. Atwells Avenue is at the centre of the neighbourhood and over twenty restaurants line one quarter-mile of the avenue. Angelo's on Atwells Avenue has been around since 1924 and is a Providence institution.