Rhodes Climate and Weather

The Rhodes climate ensures hot, dry weather in summer and mild winters. Temperatures in peak tourist season (July and August) range from 82F (28C) during the day to 72F (22C) at night, which is a bit cooler than some other Greek islands. Rainfall is almost non-existent in summer, though showers can be expected between October and March. Despite the heat being oppressive by some standards, summer remains the most popular time to visit Rhodes. June, July and August see the island packed full of tourists, with prices escalating accordingly. Spring and autumn may be the best times to visit. Late spring is particularly lovely, with most of the benefits of summer and fewer disadvantages. That is, the sea is getting warm, there are fewer people, and Rhodes is particularly lush. Early autumn visitors will find Rhodes warm without being swelteringly hot, balmy water and fewer tourists than in summer.