Getting Around

The public transport system in San Francisco is known as MUNI and operates buses, electric trolley buses and the famous cable cars, as well as metro streetcars (underground trains that become street cars when they emerge above ground). MUNI offers access to all parts of the city; exact change is required, and the same fare applies to all services except the cable cars, which are more expensive. Visitors should note that the cable cars are very popular and crowded. They can be tough to get onto, and slow in getting to destinations. MUNI trains and buses run 24-hours a day, with a more limited service after midnight; buses late at night are not always safe to use.

The other transport system, known as BART, is a fast and economical subway-rail network that connects the city to the East Bay as well as the airport. Taxis are also available in the city but can be hard to find, especially during peak hours. Ride-share taxi services, such as Uber, are also available. During the day the best option is often to walk, as many of the locals do. However, travellers should be prepared to climb a few hills.

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