San Pedro de Atacama Climate and Weather

San Pedro de Atacama has a cold desert climate and experiences extremely dry weather, with little or no rainfall and temperatures averaging between 77F and 86F (25C and 30C) in the summer months from December to January. During the winter months, from June to August, the temperature averages drop to between 64F and 77F (18C and 25C) during the day, while average nighttime temperatures in winter drop to below zero and can even reach as low as 14F (-10C). Some visitors experience altitude sickness and travellers should take this into account. Altitude sickness can manifest as dizziness, lethargy or headaches. If travellers have any respiratory problems, travel in this area may be difficult for them due to the altitude. The weather in San Pedro de Atacama is ultimately quite pleasant all year, considering that it is located in a desert, and there isn't really a peak tourist season or an ideal time to visit. The season of stay should be determined by the activities visitors want to try.

San Pedro de Atacama