Santiago de Cuba Climate and Weather

Cuba has a tropical, temperate climate and experiences two distinct seasons: a rainy season from May to October, and a dry season from November to April. Generally the weather in Cuba is sunny, hot and humid. Santiago de Cuba's climate is fairly representative of the rest of Cuba, although it is situated in the most humid area of the country. Average daytime temperatures in Santiago range from 84F (29C) in January to 100F (38C) in August. From May through August, high humidity can make the heat uncomfortable. Rainy weather can occur in any season in Santiago but in the cooler winter months around December there are only light showers. The rainy season includes a hurricane season from July to November, and Santiago suffers quite badly from these tropical storms as it is on the south coast. September and October are the months most likely to experience serious tropical storms.

Ultimately, Santiago de Cuba's climate is hot all year round with pleasant, sunny weather prevailing. The dry season is the best time of year to visit Santiago, with December and January being the most popular months, but a number of people brave the summer heat to enjoy the Santiago Carnival in July.

Santiago de Cuba