Eating Out

Restaurants in Santorini range from bland and commercial near the tourist traps to unforgettable tavernas where tourists have to compete with locals for seats. Local specialties include tomato keftedes, white aubergine, and fresh-grilled fish. Fast-food-style gyros places are plentiful in all the larger towns and resorts.


Shopping in Santorini offers a range of lovely holiday purchases, the most popular being gold and amber jewellery. The island's cobbled lanes are flanked by jewellery shops, boutiques, galleries and leather shops, as well as stores selling local handicrafts and souvenirs. The Hondos Center and the Fabrica Shopping Center in Fira are popular destinations for jewellery and fashion items such as clothing, bags and shoes. Oia has great Art Deco galleries, as well as shops selling gold jewellery and handmade wooden artefacts. Santorini is also a wine-producing region, so bottles of wine are popular souvenirs; prices are generally higher than in most parts of Greece. Self-catering Visitors will find grocery stores and the like from which to buy supplies. Some shops and restaurants close during winter or have greatly reduced opening hours. Whatever's available will be cheaper off-season.


Santorini has one of the best nightlife scenes in the Cyclades, and visitors will find lots of action along the caldera at cafes, bars and nightclubs. Most nightclubs are in the capital, Fira, which is the best place for all-night partying. As with shopping and accommodation, Santorini is not the cheapest Greek island to party on. That said, it can be very rewarding for visitors who are prepared to pay a little bit extra.

Classical-music performances at the Nomikos Centre in Fira are a good option for visitors who prefer more relaxed evenings, and Santorini has some quieter, more authentic restaurants, where visitors can enjoy drawn out meals with lovely views. Finding somewhere away from the crowds and bustle can be challenging in summer. As a rule of thumb, visitors should avoid resort areas and big towns, and look out for places that locals frequent.