Seville Climate and Weather

Seville has a mild Mediterranean climate, with warm, sunny summers and cool, mild, winters. The hottest months are July and August, with temperatures sometimes reaching a high of 99F (37C). Temperatures are, however, sometimes modified by cool sea breezes, which is a relief at the height of summer.

Winter tends to have mixed sun and cloud and January is the coldest month. Autumn and winter are the wettest seasons, and September and October often bring heavy showers or thunderstorms. March, which is early spring, can also be a wet month, but showers are usually followed by sunny periods. Seville receives hardly any rain during the hot summer months.

As with most of Spain, the height of summer, between June and August, is when most people choose to travel to Seville for the hot sunshine, tempered by cool sea breezes. Other people argue that the best time to holiday in Seville is spring, when temperatures are moderate and the crowds are thinner.

With its Mediterranean climate, however, Seville is a destination for all seasons, so long as visitors don't mind a few wet days during winter. Easter is a great time to go if visitors are looking for festivity, because Holy Week brings all sorts of fiestas to the city streets.