Shenandoah Valley Travel Guide

The lush Shenandoah Valley, extending for 200 miles (322km) from Harper's Ferry in West Virginia to Salem and Roanoke, is a combination of history, beauty and adventure. Visitors to the Valley can enjoy spectacular hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, follow in the footsteps of Revolutionary and Civil War heroes, explore museums, battlefields and historic homes, or ski and golf at top-class resorts.

Known as the Daughter of the Stars, the Valley can essentially be divided into three; the North, South and Central Valley regions. The Northern Valley area is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with exciting opportunities to tackle the Shenandoah River by canoe or kayak, hike the Appalachian Trail or cross-country ski in the mountains.

The Central Valley offers exciting skiing, golfing, snowboarding and fishing opportunities, as well as a chance to explore historical sites, farmers markets and the spectacular Shenandoah Caverns. The Southern part of the Valley boasts several mineral springs, the 215ft (66m) Natural Bridge, historic towns such as Lexington, and the bustling cities of Roanoke and Salem.