Tijuana Travel Guide

Tijuana has become something of a shopper's delight, and has a reputation for offering an intense nightlife and non-stop entertainment. There are souvenir stalls, numerous duty-free shopping malls, and markets selling goods from all over Mexico, as well as countless bars, restaurants, and dance clubs. The centre of the activity is the bustling Revolution Boulevard, which is crowded with shops, bars and restaurants and their pushy touts. Female tourists should avoid entering bars alone, as safety can occasionally be an issue.

This city also has some more traditional Mexican attractions, including bullfighting and Jai Alai (a Spanish ball game played on a court). However, visitors to Tijuana are generally not looking for an authentic Mexican experience so much as a playground south of the border. Tijuana does make a fun starting point for those exploring the Baja California peninsula, and the beaches and resorts to the south.

While Tijuana has been a popular and safe place in the past, in recent years violence between law enforcement authorities and drug cartels has escalated, particularly along the US-Mexican border. Travellers who still wish to visit are advised to exercise extreme caution and enquire about the safety situation with local authorities and those of their home country.